Which One? I'm definitely battling with this

Also, my blog post.

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Can’t you talk nicely to Uncle @Leo at get him to spring for them / get you review units. Although I suspect you will have to get it past Aunty @Lisa. :wink:

Is the lower resolution sensor there for more than pricing? When I saw the small sensor, I immediately thought action camera, more light on the sensor and quicker saving of the resulting images. But looking through the rest of the specs, I didn’t see that confirmed.

I’d love the R6, but I’m stuck with my Sony A6000 for the foreseeable future. It was a little too small for me, to start with, but I like it now. I originally went with the EOS D-SLR range, because they felt better, more solid in the hand than the Nikons. But switched to the Sony last time around. The only negative point is that the Sony is too small for my Lower Pro Slingshot bag, it “rattles” around a bit in there, as it was designed for D-SLR sized cameras.


hahahahaha! Nah, not doing that. :smile:
The R6 is still full frame and has the same sensor as the flagship 1DX III that was launched last year. Says a lot.


I am on the Sony alpha camp with a couple of old bodies and I do not even use those because of the pandemic.
That does not mean I do not drool over these new canon bodies.
I would love to have either of them. I would actually love to have both of them :grin:
But that is not going to happen. I guess the main difference is related to the video capabilities so it depends on the use case if we assume that budget is not a problem although it usually is. If you want to be out shooting stills or if you will be using them in a studio setup although I suppose both are great either way.