Can I use iPhone SE 2020 on any US carrier?

I’m about to switch to Verizon. As part of my switch, I can get a cheap iPhone SE 2020. While I know I have to unlock it, can I used an unlocked iPhone SE 2020 (purchase from Verizon) on any US carrier network?



The short answer is quite likely. It appears that recent devices have all been supported by the major carriers.

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Interesting that the article says iPhone 7 Verizon is compatible with ATT and TMobile while when I typed in my info into Verizon of an unlocked iPhone 7 I bought years ago from ATT is not compatible with Verizon.

The 7 is not very current, and things have changed. Sometimes there are phone chipsets that don’t support all the of channels the carrier uses, and while they might work, they won’t work well. I think, of late, most phones sold in North America are supporting most channels, but maybe still not all possible.

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That’s what I’m thinking but I really don’t want to be tied down to a phone and change networks and end up having to buy another phone.

An unlocked iPhone 7 from AT&T will work with Verizon just fine. I test them all the time in my job.
I tend to notice that when you seek advice from the carriers they tend to lean toward telling you that you need to buy a new device to take advantage of everything they offer even if the older device will work perfectly well and any missing channels are hardly noticeable for most people.

Verizon’s phones tend to work on everything, as of late I believe they started locking them for a certain amount of time to “stave off theft” as iPhones tend to be a high theft item.

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