Can I import my Gravatar image into my Mastodon profile?

A few years back I learned that many of the sites I frequent pick up their avatar images from Gravatar, so I went there, created an account and uploaded my favorite image. The forum here picked it up automatically which is wonderful. But Mastodon doesn’t–as it’s not linked to my email address. Short of finding the avatar image I uploaded some years ago and setting that in Mastodon, is there a way to tell Mastodon to grab an avatar image from a Gravatar image? Thank you!

For now, I went to Gravatar, learned how their API works, calculated the md5 hash of my email, accessed the image, downloaded it, and uploaded it to Mastodon. But, it would be nice to have an automated way of doing that.

The Android app has yet to update my profile image, so I wonder when that’ll happen. Maybe I should clear caches on the app and see…nope, that didn’t do it. Maybe it has a timeout on the cached image and it just needs to wait a few days or something.

Looks like it’s been discussed and not decided on. But, there is a recent post on it–probably because the recent huge influx of new users has made it relevant again.