Mastodon Phishingbot

For all those jumping on Mastodon, my ex-employer posted a warning today that there is a phishingbot on Mastodon that warns your account will be disabled, if you don’t clean your computer, because it is spamming Mastodon.

This is a fake and an attempt to get people to download malware. I have boosted the post on Mastodon, but in case you miss it, I thought I’d post it here as well.


The image doesn’t load for me on the page. I get a grey/white chequer pattern rectangle, purple progress bar expands across the top, but stops one square short of the end and stays there.

Any chance you could post the image here?

Sounds like Mastodon is now mainstream :grin:



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Thank you! Makes it clear what to look out for.

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Thank you very much David

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