Book referenced by Steve on Security Now

Many months ago Steve discussed a series of books which opened portals between worlds and collapsed certain dimensions so objects could be transported through the portals. Does anyone know which series/author this might be?

I have probably messed up the description, but I hope it makes sense.

Thank you!

Unfortunately, the description doesn’t sound familiar, but Steve does have comprehensive show notes and full text transcripts on his site

Hope that helps.

Thank you @mdzi. after searching for the correct terms, I finally found it. The book was Peter Hamilton’s Salvation. I goofed on the premise. Apparently, they made small portals which could be physically sent to their destinations. Then a long skinny portal could be sent through it. Then the long skinny portal could be used to transport a full size portal for large cargo.

Now, I need to try to find it the book. Preferably on Audio.

Thanks again!!

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