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Steve Gibson, the man who coined the term spyware and created the first anti-spyware program, creator of Spinrite and ShieldsUP, discusses the hot topics in security today with Leo Laporte.

Records live every Tuesday at 4:30pm Eastern / 1:30pm Pacific / 21:30 UTC.


I enjoy the show, I just hate it when Steve reads stuff. It’s very dry, should be a conversation, not someone reading articles… I can read article myself! Sometimes it feels like he goes on so long Leo drifts off…

On a side note, hope you make a sub thread for diet and nutrition info!!

This show is invaluable to listeners like me, who have no idea where to get information on security risks of using the internet. It also is the best source of understandable technical explanations of how the internet and the tools we all use work. Sure, Steve can spin the propeller pretty hard at times (I always get a picture of Beany and Cecil in my head when he or Leo refer to that), but I enjoy the mental exercise, and appreciate the transcripts so I can read and research all he discusses. And it’s not often you hear of someone writing code using assembly language. I never wrote usable code, but spent many hours plowing through assembler code trying to understand how equipment we used in my job functioned (or was supposed to function). I have the greatest respect for anyone who can think the way those type of programmers do.

Should this be the place for discussing Sci Fi considering Steve’s interest?

Absolutely, but… start a new Topic in the Security Now category. If Steve joins the forum I’ll set up a Steve Gibson category and we can move it there.

Don’t worry if you get it wrong - one of the moderators’ jobs is to move things into the proper sections.

I can’t figure it out either!

Knowing that you are an advertiser for Lastpass, could you give me your opinion on 1password and dashlane. Are there major differences in security protection between all of them or is it simply personal choice?

Not Leo, but a long time user of 1Password, and casual user of Lastpass. My personal bias towards 1Password is very specifically focused on security of my passwords. I prefer not to have my most important info stored on a commercially controlled server, accessible by a public webpage.

I choose 1Password because it very specifically provides a way to sync your info between devices without ever touching the internet. You can store encrypted backups on several cloud services like iCloud and Dropbox, or you can keep them totally off the internet. And, to my knowledge, there is no web based access to your information stored within you 1Password vault.

Lastpass is very much tied up to their server. It provides web based access to one’s passwords from anywhere. You can log in from a browser, and see your passwords. They also provide apps to keep all your stuff on your device. All that is great, but when helping a friends widow after his death, I saw it would be much was too easy and convenient for someone to get to the account if there was a security breach at Lastpass.

But after all that, when asked by friends how to keep their passwords safe and available, I recommend Lastpass.

Here’s one I am sure Steve will be wanting to discuss:

Yes, that’s the one thing I like about 1Password is you can have vaults online and local only for more critical logins.

Security now is the pod I listen to on the way to work. I like the deep dives and how Steve takes his time to research. I also like that he brings up errata when that happens and is willing to not just have but sometimes adjust his opinions.

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Can you comment on the new VPN and IOS app from Cloudflare? Maybe on the next security now show.

Thank you

@Johng1 Steve doesn’t participate in any community other than his newsgroups and Twitter that I am aware of. You won’t succeed in reaching him here as far as I know.

That’s correct. Message him on Twitter: - his DMs are open or visit

I think he did talk about it a bit but I’ll remind him, too.

Greetings Leo and Steve , can you do a show on Linus Tech Tips getting hacked and videos of him naked shown on youtube ?

I watch all of your youtube channels and have been a fan for decades " Tech TV "

Best Regards
Toman Toledo Casabona aka rtoledo2@youtube and rtoledo2002@yahoo

thank you

Steve still isn’t part of this forum.

That would be very inappropriate, but I think it’s just censored.

You can watch Linus’ video if you want more details, he covered it quite completely.

Otherwise what’s to say? Someone click a link in their email they shouldn’t have, and then their authentication cookies were exported to the attackers. This is a known problem with YT and has happened to many other victims recently. The benefit Linus has that most don’t is he has a dedicated YT handler who he could reach out to, so he got his stuff fixed fairly quickly.

EDIT: This is something more technical to watch


oki doky thanks


Roman Toledo

How is a video on security inappropriate ?

The only reason I asked , is because a lot of people , including me , have saved URL’s in Lastpass when I had it , with the whole line , instead of just the

I did switch to Bitwarden , but I think it’s worth mentioning again , even if you don’t mention Linus , whom I and my sons watch as well as Leo’s shows

LOL Twitter in their infinite wisdom killed my account credentials, so I can’t get in anymore. but I barely used it 2 times a year at most . so no more twitter until someone buys Xanax for the boss

Your reference to The PC Security Channel is amazing. Thank you for sharing!