Big News: FTC investigating Social Media data collection

What are your thoughts on this?

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The FTC investigating means little if there are not results that include action. One presumes any action will be directed by the politicians, and since the US is currently in the middle of a transition, it’s going to be interesting to see if the new government will have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to big companies and force them to change. Since these big companies pay big money directly and indirectly into the pockets of politicians (via lobbyists and donations to campaigns, etc) it seems unlikely that the government will do much more than some agreed “slap on the wrist.” Maybe that’s too fatalistic, but IMHO the biggest risk to the US government is Amazon. If they get into (or buy their way into) the industrial military complex, then they will basically be unstoppable, IMHO. (Ref the company that “runs things” in the Iron Man movies.)