MacBook Pro has started freezing

Anybody else getting frequent freezing (daily) with the latest Monterey patch?

Keep finding my MBP frozen when I go to wake it up. Back-light on, caps lock key works but won’t respond.

Usage and apps haven’t changed :thinking:

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Not experienced it on my mini.

Do you have any specific software open when it crashes? Try closing apps before putting it to sleep, to see if it is a specific combination.


I always have the same apps open all the time (Mail, messaging + Twitter clients, Chrome). It’s just that it starting happening after I installed 12.1 on Monday. Maybe coincidental. Could be a Chrome/another app update snuck in I guess.

Next time it happens I’ll see if I can remote in.

It could be that Chrome, for example, needs an update, because it does something naughty that is now caught by the OS update (or the Twitter clients).

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No issues on my MBPro or MBAir

It’s just done it while I was using it. Reading a few Tweets, and the screen goes blank. I’m now using it remoted in from another Mac - so it’s still working apart from the display :thinking:

A reboot fixes it. So unlikely to be a dodgy connector, although it’s had work done on it recently.

I’m using Monterey on an M1 MacBook Pro right now without any of those issues.

There is however a problem with memory leaks on Monterey. Open the Activity Monitor, click the Memory tab, and check to see if anything is using more than a few gigabytes of RAM - if so force close it and see if that fixes the hesitation.


Thanks all. I suspect as @big_D suggested, one of my apps is tripping over something in the latest Monterey patch. I had a fan control app running, for example, so have removed that. TweetDeck is always a bit buggy too.

Did you see people are saying the Monterey memory leak is linked to using non-standard mouse pointers?

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Yes, @Leo and the team covered it in MBW a couple of weeks back, I think on TWiT as well.

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Yes, @Leo and the team covered it in MBW a couple of weeks back, I think on TWiT as well.

Dunno how I missed that.

All sorted. Interestingly it was also mouse-related I think. I had the Logi mouse software installed. Removed that and it hasn’t frozen since.

Interesting, I have. Logitech MX Master 2S and the Logi software installed on my mini and I haven’t had any problems so far… Do you have the latest version installed?

Yep, it was the latest version. Could be a corrupted install of course, but I haven’t bothered to reinstall it yet. My custom buttons still work - I guess the config is retained by the mouse once configured. I’m Intel too, not M1.

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Okay, I’m M1, so that is another difference.

Apple trying to push you to upgrade. :joy: