Post your computer setup


Here’s my desktop setup for my home office. I primarily had been using Windows for both work and personal, but this year I decided to try and make my Chromebook the primary home computer. The HP X360 is connected to a Dell USB C docking station (one USB C cable for both connection and to power the Chromebook). The Chromebook is sitting on a 3M upright laptop stand so I can use its display along with the 27" Dell monitor.

The smaller Dell monitor on the right is used for my work laptop and home Windows computer, which I still need for a few applications (audio apps, Android Studio, etc.). The 27" Dell monitor has a bunch of input options, so both of my Windows computers are also connected to it, and I just use the input selector on the front of it to switch displays.

A couple of interesting items I just added to make using three computers with the same devices (keyboard, mouse, speakers) are located below the 27" Dell monitor. There is an IO Gear USB 3.0 4-port switch that allows me to connect my Code Keyboard and Logitech MX Master wireless mouse to all three of my computers. There is a small wired switch on my keyboard that cycles to each computer. It works pretty well.

The other little box under the monitor is a Rolls MiniMix II stereo line mixer. With this, I connect the audio outputs from all three computers to it, which then has two outputs (one to a set of speakers and a headphone jack). I can mix the level for each computer and hear all of them simultaneously on a single set of speakers (or set of headphones). It works great while working on the Chromebook and still being able to hear notifications and such from my work computer.


In flux as I’m getting a nanoleaf for the wall, a new chair, adding better lighting, and adding a hackintosh to the room (another table in there where I am currently setting up CNC router), speaker stands, and a subwoofer.

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My main PC is an ASUS Chromebox 3 with an old Acer 17" monitor (I hate large monitors - I started another thread about that earlier). I also have it hooked to a Sony LCD tv, so I can use it to stream tv, movies and NHL hockey games.

I do have some Labtec speakers with a suwoofer hooked to it. And, the Sony tv it is hooked to has a RCA soundbar hooked to it.

Stand for the chromebook is a great idea. I see so many people who dock their system and then close the lid - waste of a perfectly good screen.

Here’s my setup:

Still have a bit of wire management that needs doing.

Main display is a Monoprice 27" 1440p 144hz
Bottom right is a 29" Samsung curved used mostly for communication programs
Top right is a 29" LG flat for media
A pair of Audioengine A5 speakers behind
All mounted to Monoprice’s modular “slat” system
Logitech G910 keyboard, Logitech G500 mouse

Very nice :sunglasses: I like the Thermaltake case for your build (I have a P3 as a test bench).

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Ryzen 3800x
Gigabyte x570 Master
64gb 3200 ram
MSI 2080
Gigabyte 500gb Gen 4 nvme boot
4tb drive for main installs
24" monitor

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Mmm, Ryzen and RGB all the things :sunglasses: :heart_eyes: Awesome specs.