Avoiding the Windows 10 blue "Get More Out Of Windows" nag screen

You may be have encountered this screen (or a version of it, as I think it has been revised a time or two):

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Earlier today I got nagged with it, but instead of just saying “Skip for now” it said “Ask me again in 3 days” or something like that. That got me in a bit of a panic that this was somehow going to be something I had to deal with, and soon. The panic motivated me to search, and I think, based on what I found with Google, that Windows actually added a new setting to control this [mis] “feature”.

Hold Windows key and press I to open Settings.
In Settings, navigate to “System” and then under that “Notifications & actions”.
Look for a cluster options with checkboxes and find “Suggest ways I can finish setting up my device to get the most out of Windows”
Disable (uncheck) this option and the notification should not show up again.

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I’m going to tag @MaryJo and @thurrott in case one of them wants to mention this on Windows Weekly.

The checkbox above should also be unchecked because that’s another way to get one of those blue screens.

I get that blue screen when the computer starts periodically. But when I went to that screen, that 1 line you have circled was not there. Everything else was, but not that…

I do not have 2004 yet, though. That may be why.

I suspect that is the case, unfortunately. Another way for MS to encourage you to upgrade? :wink:

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I don’t think think this has any connection to version 2004 because I have been seeing this nag screen on occasion for quite awhile I cant say specifically but within at least the last year period? That fix Ive seen online but that option to uncheck in the notification settings screen is not on any of my machines either I have version 1909 on all of them. Ive seen this nag screen on version prior to 1909. I don’t see MS winning on this one either because user accounts tend to be still used a lot, especially in the enterprise sector. I still use local accounts, I no plans to go to using a MS account, I don’t even have a Google account. We’ll see what happens?

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No one said or suggested the interstitial screen was specifically related to 2004. What IS related to 2004 is the option to disable it, as I mentioned above.

I actually planned to do the 2004 update this weekend. I finally did it yesterday afternoon. It took forever. After the install - it was finally done around 10pm last night. NOW, that option IS there.

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