Auto Head Units - Retrofit for 2007 Honda Accord

We have a 2007 Honda Accord SE. Entertainment unit is AM/FM/CD only; no AUX, no Bluetooth. I’d like to have the car fitted with a new head unit that would incorporate: Bluetooth, AUX input, Car Play, Android Auto, backup camera with display. Any other must have features you recommend? Are there any particular brands/models/units that are recommended?

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I was recently considering an upgrade for my car, and thus did some research on this. I was considering a double DIN unit. The best recommended one I came across was from Pioneer. It’s not cheap though.

They also make a single DIN model where the display “pulls out.”


Thanks for the info from your research. The price for the Pioneer is about what I planned on for a quality unit; the Amazon price is a nice discount from list ($500 vs $700). I’m not ready to buy a new car but would like the addition of a more modern UI for entertainment and navigation. Simple backup camera and display a plus.