What are your best Android Auto apps?

If you are using Android Auto with a compatible car or compatible head unit, have you upgraded to the new UI? And, what are your favorite Android Auto enabled apps, and how do you use them?

I use Android Auto in my wife’s Jeep which has a headunit, and the AA app on my phone in my car. I really only use the following:
Google Maps
Google Play Music

The built in text message handling is pretty handy too.

I’ll be curious to see how Google phases out the AA app on the phone and moves to Assistant. Right now the “Lets drive” command simply launches Google Maps.

I think if you upgrade to Android 10 currently there is no on screen Android Auto app until they get the “let’s drive” implemented. Google has kind of dropped the ball on that one in the new OS.

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You can still download the AA app from the Play Store. I’m running Android 10 and it still works fine.

Good to know they put that in until drive mode is ready.