ATG 54: How To Choose a Keyboard

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Leo’s “You hear that click?” right around 9:14 reminded me of Mr. Rogers. Cool.

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If you don’t know what you want, or you want something particularly custom, you should get a GMMK and chose and seat your own switches, and choose and seat your own keycaps. (You can buy keycap sets on Amazon and other places, sometimes with all sorts of funky looks.)

Of course WASD, the makers of the CODE keyboard, also have a way to customize a keyboard and keycap colours, but they’re not meant to have replaceable switches, so you have to know which you want from the

In fact, I’ve always wanted a French Canadian keyboard, so I think I might order this from WASD:

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I should let you know that if you order from WASD they have the option for custom coloured paracord keyboard cables. Unfortunately I missed the option when placing my order, but their stellar customer support people allowed me to add it after the fact to have it ship with my order, how amazing is that! :wink: