ATG 38: Are RAM Disks Worth It?

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@Leo you mentioned Dataram RAMDisk. You can get a 4G version completely free from AMD, at so I don’t think cost is an issue.

You did completely ignore one big use of RAM disks… for writing temporary content to to save wear and tear on your SSD/HD. When transcoding movies using Handbrake, for example, where the output can always be reproduced if something goes wrong, I find it better to put the output on a RAM disk. Once I check that I achieved desirable results, then I move it to permanent storage.

Another use case involves temporary indexes for databases. The database sometimes needs to create an index on the fly, and usually you can specify where to store temporary things. I put those sorts of things on a RAM disk so I never have the need to clean up after them… and again, it saves wear and tear on other hardware… and it is much faster than using another media.

Also, in my usage of Windows, I store everything off the computer on a NAS. The NAS is slower and further away than local storage or RAM, so I selectively put stuff locally in RAM when I need to work with it. (Such as install files for programs or whatnot.)

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