ATG 1973: If It's Tuesday, It Must Be Belgium

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The Windows user should search windows for the term LID. Then select Change what closing the lid does to DO NOTHING. Then the computer will run and you can send the signal out to a monitor.

oops… I saw that it was answered in the show live.

Hi Leo, long time listener, first time poster… I’ve always enjoyed listening to your shows. Today you were talking about the provisioning of your 888 number, how long it was taking to provision it, how it would only be a single number that wouldn’t allow queuing like the expensive solutions used by Radio stations. I’ve worked with AWS for a long time, once having been a TAM. Companies both large (including the largest insurance company in the US) and small use Amazon Connect for similar things. It’s easy to setup, can be self managing and provide just the sort of thing you once had on the Radio for a near-nothing cost. There’s pricing and example monthly costs to be had here Cloud Contact Center Service – Amazon Connect Pricing – Amazon Web Services. I’d be happy to throw something together for you if you have any interest. Keith

Thanks, Keith. We’ve already got Zoom setup - this way we can get the calls into the Zoom. But I’ll keep your suggestion in mind.