ATG 1964: Podcast Dreamin'

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@Leo You wanted someone to take out their phone and record a Waymo ride. I live in Chandler and actually participated in their beta program 4 years ago. I did ride it a few months ago. Here’s the video:


The Bose “headphones” that @Leo has, I think they are actually sleep phones, which is why they can’t play music or podcasts, they provide noise cancelling and soothing sounds to help you relax and sleep, at least that is what the ones they are advertising in Germany do.

Great to see you on the ebike. What worries me is how cheap they are, my wife has a very similar cargo bike from Tern with a Bosch motor, that cost around $4,000 more than the Lectricity bikes. I bought myself an Ebike das Original a couple of weeks ago, to ride to work, but I then got struck down with COVID 4 days later, before we moved to the new offices, I’m still recovering now, so looking forward to going back to the office next week.

What I’m missing, when I look at their page is the manufacturer of the motor, most “good” bikes seem to use Bosch motors, but on their site, I couldn’t find any mention of the motor. Whatever, I hope you have a lot of fun with them.

I’m just imagining the Comcast tech’s look of confusion when that one caller asks to have a VLAN setup for his IoT during install :joy:

Following Ant’s move over to Mac OS from Windows has been interesting. Makes me re-think a lot of the tiny workflows that I have learned as muscle memory over time.

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I used TinkerTool for Mac to change a bunch of settings that Apple won’t let you it has been a few years but it looks like it still active and updated

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Interesting. So why did it not know your location? That part of it should be the basics and the driving the hard part.