IOS 575: Using Family Sharing on iOS

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Great show today. I was talking about the family plan with my wife last night, then the show turned up this morning and was all about the family plan. I’ll probably need to go over it again, but a real help, thanks.

@RosemaryOrchard I started thinking about a shortcut to change my MS Teams status when I leave the office for the evening. I shut down my laptop, but my company phone still tells Teams that I am online… Ideally, it should automatically change the status to offline at 16:30 and turn it back on again at 08:00.

The phone is already set to do not disturb in the evening, and Teams doesn’t notify me of new messages. But it still shows me as available to other users.


An additional question, is there any news when Apple News+ will be made available in Europe?

A Premium subscription with News+ would be perfect for me, I’m not so interested in the Fitness+ and I don’t currently have a Watch.

Edit: it looks like even the free service is not available. It isn’t installed on my iPad and it doesn’t show up in the Store.

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Its interesting: I have the Premium plan which includes everything - I figured I would never use Fitness+ - My wife and I go to the gym every morning! My wife tried some of the Yoga and talked me into trying it then we went on to other things and now we use it 3-4 times a week to supplement the gym! I would never have thought