Apple service and the Virus

Foremost; everyone stay safe. Follow the guidelines and we will get through this.
Like most of us Apple is almost wholly working from home. I found this out Saturday. I have a late 2018 MacBook Pro. Cover wouldn’t close. Upon inspection I noticed the space bar and trackpad were slightly pushed up. Then I looked at the sides of the computer. The bottom panel was physically pushed down on both sides to the point of easily being able to see inside the unit. Computer still worked. I backed all the data off to remote drive and called Apple support.
Now is where the magic begins. It’s mid-day on Saturday. Left number with Apple being told they would call back in 10 minutes. They did it in 2. Described the issue and gave the S/N to the support tech. Within minutes he gave me a repair number and said he’d get a shipping box to me early in the week. Remember, he’s doing this from home and the country is basically on lockdown.
Early Monday morning FedEx dropped a shipping box on my doorstep. No physical contact. I wiped the box down, followed the packing instructions and called the Fed-Ex number for pickups. They said someone would be by later in the day and to leave the box outside by the front door. I live in a gated community so security was not an issue.
Around 2 PM I checked and the box was gone. This morning I received a text from Apple repair stating they received the computer and were starting repairs.
Talk about service. Even in the best of times this would have been amazing. Under current situation unbelievable.
The fact that Apple has their support system so well setup that staff can work from their homes around the country (Support person was in Wisconsin; Repair station in Texas) and have total control of all the necessary logistics is worth sharing.
So, if you have any product needing repair during this “War” feel comfortable that you can still get stuff acomplished ; even staying at home.
Cheers all!

Update: Just received word from Apple that computer is repaired and on the way back! Now… that’s service…