Apple Music | June 2nd Blocks Service to Users

Apple has blocked my Apple Music service to make a public announcement that #blacklivesmatter In doing so, I don’t have access to the services I pay them for today.


I 150% support racial equality. I feel that the police officers who have been entrusted to protect us, given the responsibility and privilege to carry weapons should be held accountable.

Also, I think prison time is too good for these disgusting individuals who became officers for power. I won’t share what I think should be done, but will only say, it would be public and swift - after proven guilty.

Thank God these officered are the minority, and most are incredible heroes.

Having said all that.

Apple - I PAY you for a service. While I appreciate your stance along with mine, that #blacklivesmatter, don’t mistake my support for generosity.

If you want to take a stand for equality, start a program to provide technical education in neighborhoods where children of all races struggle for education. Level the playing field by equipping others with their minds!

Taking away my services I pay you for, to display YOU care about this cause is not a positive stance. It causes discord, frustration, and only shows a shallow understanding of the situation or a weak attempt at your display of support.

Shame on you Apple. You’re better than this.

I did not appreciate this, gave my feedback to Apple @

My 2c

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This is not just Apple Music:

I was mildly annoyed at this, but given the context, I am not going to complain. I Support the peaceful protests and even understand some of the rioting (though I don’t support it). The issues involved are important enough that my slight annoyance is completely irrelevant.

The cynic in me says that is the music industry trying to capitalize from this, but corporate self-serving support is still support. And this issue deserves all the support it can get.


Wow! …After years of being anti-apple , I’ve only recently succumb to the allure of Apple, I know I wont be buying a new Mac after this. Wow, just wow.

Using iTunes I was able to search for music and radio stations.
But yeah, if I pay for a service, it needs to be available.

I feel the same way. So now I decide to download all my playlists from Apple Music by using my AudFree Apple Music Converter. Then cancel the Apple Music subscription. Spotify or Amazon Music should be my next selection.

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