Apple ID Creation

After hearing about some of the Apple TV shows, I have been interested in watching some of them. I created an Apple ID for the first time and have been able to fill out the 3 security questions. However, when I get to the Apple ID & Privacy screen, after completing the 3rd security question, clicking the Continue button does not do anything. I use the Chrome browser, but have also tried using the new Microsoft Edge browser and get the same result. What am I doing wrong?

Some things to consider:

Could be the process to create the Apple ID is trying to open a new tab, or a pop-up, and it is being blocked by the browser. As Edge and Chrome are both Chromium based, I expect your security and privacy settings may be similar. Can’t see the far right of your URL line in the photo, so there could be a small icon that indicates the browser is blocking something. If so, click on icon, and select option to relax the rules for this session.

Assume you are not an Apple hardware user as you do not currently have an Apple ID. According to Apple, you can also create an Apple ID from within some Apple apps, such as iTunes on a Windows PC, or an Android app you will be using to watch AppleTV. See if that works. Also, you might try using a browser on an android device to create the Apple ID.

Last, I keep a cleanly installed browser (default or low level security and privacy settings), such as Firefox, not logged in to the developers account, as a last ditch effort when all the other browsers fail. Sometimes it is easier, and quicker, to just get what I need to do done, and troubleshoot later. Only use this method for websites I trust.

Oh yea, check for a verification email at the address you used as user name for Apple ID.

And, recommend you use 2 factor authentication when you get it set up. Apple’s protection is highly annoying, but also seems very effective.

Good luck