Apple has problem with "Primary" email

Spent about 2 hours waiting to web chat with support. The primary email is not an Apple email. For a week been trying to fix an issue with changing my primary email. Apple claimed they are having an issue with changing that primary.


I assume you are using the built in mail app on Mac? Are you trying to use multiple accounts or using aliases with a single account? If the latter whom provides this service?(Hosted by?) Iā€™d check by making sure the account you want to be primary is primary on that server.

My Apple is only IOS. Think my real problem is with Microsoft. Apple mail problem is OK now. Use an old and an and alternative is

I would check with your host provider and confirm where your primary email is at and make sure everything is okay there. If thats Microsoft or Google their support will be better suited to assist you than apple.

Will do thanks. Life is complicated when support is via phone.

Agreed. Hope that helps.