Apple finally admits iPad Pro won't replace your PC


What an absurd headline: Apple said it’s not the only one, not that it isn’t one.

From day 1 I’ve railed against iOS’s shortcomings and I still hate them with fiery passion. I personally so far blame Scott Forestall for Apple’s delirious vision of mobile computing as a blank-canvas amnesiac for toddlers which has us currently mired in Share Sheet quicksand, where the initial idiocy of removing direct manipulation of files and allowing apps to gate-keep access to the user’s own materials has forced Apple to crawl slowly out of a primordial soup of atomized functionality and weird, sometimes/partially overlapping capabilities. Guess what the “new” “Save to Files” is? Mac OS’s “Save As…” dialog, except vastly inferior and worse to use, and almost a decade late, plus still with no “recent locations” (Files’ recents only lets you browse, not save), forcing you to re-navigate to each place in many instances, like it’s 1992! That’s just 1 among dozens of train-wrecks, e.g. print dialog inconsistencies, links into Safari (hello, 3-taps from News), etc. etc.

But any attempt to insinuate that iPad Pro, now that iPad OS is here, can’t replace a Mac is still ridiculous throughout vast swaths of scenarios.


I have always thought this was a non-argument. I had a work flow that just wouldn’t work with the iPad. I used a combination of Scrivener, Aeon Timeline, and OmniGraffle to write my novels. Now that the apps for Timeline and OmniGraffle have been updated and I have switched over to Ulysses from Scrivener, I find myself spending more and more time working on the iPad pro. I haven’t yet experimented with working on my blog with the Wordpress app, but I can see the day (maybe five years out) when I don’t need the laptop. It will be interesting to see how things pan out.


Not yet give it 5 to 10 years…

I hope you use a Windows machine on a regular basis. :grinning:

How kind of you to presume you should understand my computing needs.

If you have something substantive to say, I doubt I’m alone in preferring you’d say it rather than pick a fight by throwing undeserved, unfounded shade.

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Comment was made in jest hence the emoji. No shade intended. Sorry you were offended.

Additionally, in all sincerity, your point is duly noted and taken to heart. I will endeavor to curb shade throwing and fight picking.