App to mute notifications when I'm listening to a book?

Pixel 4. In the olden days (last year), when listening to a book whether on Audible or Overdrive, when I got a notification, the book would pause and then resume.

Now, while I’m listening, if a notification comes in, the book just stops and will not start unless I manually do so. Often my hands are busy, thanks very much.

I could swear that both Audible and Overdrive had settings ‘pause, resume at notification’ but I can’t find them now. I could turn on mute/vibration before I listen to a book but invariably, I’ll forget to turn it on and for sure forget to turn it off.

Anyone ever seen an app that will do this? When, Audible or Overdrive are running, mute notification?

Well, I haven’t used it in years, and it’s not free, but this was the sort of thing that Tasker might have done at one time. It’s a pretty general scripting tool… so it might allow you to do it, but it would be my last option, not my first.

Yeah, I thought about Tasker but thought that was maybe a bigger hammer than this problem needed. Good thought to make it last option.

I suspect some app needs updating to prevent this from happening after Android was updated. Other than Tasker, I found MacroDroid, which might be easier to work with:

All the apps have the latest versions and this started before Android was last updated.

I’d forgotten about MacroDroid. I’ll give that a look. Thanks!