Any firearms fans here?

At the suggestion of someone else, I thought I would start this thread.

From what I can tell of this forum, I don’t suspect that there will be many. But, who knows… I’ve even thought of dropping pics in the photo thread, but not sure how that would go over…

Over 25+ years, I’ve owned just about everything when it comes to handguns.

Anyway - here are pics of my 2 favorite handguns… My Hk P2000 has been my daily carry for 5.5 years. And, my Beretta M9A3 is my other favorite, of my collection… (the photo of the HK was taken when new - it has a lot of wear now)


Very nice! Both 9 mil? I just picked up a new Colt Cobra .38 Special +p! Colt finally started making them again as a new model with a new design and California certified them for sale here. In Ca all firearms need to be tested by the state and certified before they can be sold here


I like firearms and the design/mechanics/accessories. Living in the UK it’s a moot point though. My wife’s sister lives in Chicago, so if we ever get around to visiting I will visit a shooting range. Although I am not sure what the gun laws are in Chicago. I grew up on a farm and we had various shotguns and had clay pigeon shoots etc. We had a 9 Shot pump action 12 gauge, which was my favorite before they were banned.

I would definitely own/collect firearms if I lived in a country that allowed it. A firearm would also make a great addition to my go bag! At the moment I have Leathermans to fulfill the design/mechanics enjoyment.

Do you go to shooting ranges?


Well, Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, so I am not sure how easy that will be for you to do that there. You might have to drive outside of the city limits to do that… Go figure, because 50-100 people get shot there almost every weekend (in Chicago) - It doesn’t make the national news at all (because then there would have to be an admission that the strict gun laws just keep normal people from owning one to protect themselves). The places in the USA with the strongest gun laws seem to have the most gun tragedies (Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City). But, that’s a whole other topic…

Back to the original topic…

Yes, I go to shooting ranges. For years, I went 2x a month. But, the price of ammo jumped after the Iraqi war. It jumped up about 3-4x the price. So, I average 1x a month now in the last 5 years… It’s mucho expensive to take a trip to go shoot, plus the range fee… But, I’ve been shooting over 25 years. I’ve done a little competition shooting too. I went a few times just to see what it would be like, and how I’d do. I did MUCH better than I thought I would. But, the competition thing isn’t my thing.

I really only practice and shoot for self defense purposes, even if I am very interested in firearms. Hunting is not my thing, and I’ve never gone.

I tried the competition thing a few times because I just wanted something a little more “real world” to try - to see how I would do… Instead of just standing in 1 place and punching paper. But, I had to drive about 90 min each way to do it too.So, that made it more difficult to stick with (Texas is a BIG state).


Yes, both are 9mm. I’ve owned a lotta different calibers, but I got rid of everything but 9mm in the last few years.

And, I love the Beretta 92 platform. I’ve owned 28 of them (different variants) over the last 25 years. Unfortunately, after my divorce several years ago, I had to sell a lot of stuff to have $ to pay for the remodel of my condo, and also a ton of medical bills I’ve had in the last 2.5 years. But, that M9A3 is my favorite Beretta :smiley:

Yes, I am very familiar with the California gun laws. I run two gun forums, and used to run a couple of others.

Nice Colt. :slight_smile:


I have a Springfield XD40.

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Interesting! I’ve also gone to all .38 Special in the last couple of years - pistol and rifle!! I have a Marlin lever action 1894C, chambered in .38 Spcl/.357 Mag

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Cool. Once upon a time, I had an XD in 45 ACP. It was an OD frame with a stainless slide.

This is an old photo I took many years ago. Coined the term “Beretta Wheel.” Now, many others copy me on that on some of the gun forums…

Beretta USA even saw it and contacted me and sent me some free stuff, several years ago :slight_smile:


That’s a pretty cool pic and story!

The thing about guns for me is shooting happen everywhere and it’s not televised which leads to the illusion that is just places like Chicago. Even in Texas where I live now and is a lot more lenient than my home state of Maryland, there have been mass shootings and daily incidents. I think the narrative is a blurry on both side but momma ain’t raise no fool. If they don’t ban them, join them. Lol Whoever else has them is none of my concern.

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I could get into that topic in great detail with many examples, but I don’t want to do that here. Not with the dominant political viewpoint on this forum. I did not join this group to get sucked into an argument :stuck_out_tongue:

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Exactly but in any case. That collection is impressive. I’ll post mine and my wife’s later. She had a .38. I think it is called the pink lady or pink chic.

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Thanks. I’ve owned about 10 or 12 HKs total too. But, I only currently have the P2000 (pictured above). It was my favorite of all the HKs

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I have to say I really like this forum. Everyone has been cool and embracing. When I bought my camera, I posted my photo on another forum and they tore my behind apart. It was disappointing be I had a disclaimer stating I was new and all they said is the picture sucked even that I still disagree. That’s when I realized photographers are territorial. Lol

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Here are mine. My daily carrier is the Springfield Hellcat w/ 13 round mag. I love that gun. The Sig P365 is what my wife carries off duty.


Those are both sweet rides

Thanks. I have only had the Hellcat for a couple weeks. I ordered it about 2 months ago and one finally come in.

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Nice collection.

I have considered the Hellcat. But, I prefer something a little larger.

I already have an M&P Shield, so I am covered for small 9mms. Actually, I owned 2 Shields when they first came out (the very first month, over 5 years ago). But, I later sold them to buy another gun I wanted… But this past January, Palmetto State Armory was selling them for $249. So, I couldn’t pass that up!

Anyway, the Hellcat looks like a great gun, though.

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They are small but highly concealable. My next gun I think I am going to buy (oddly enough from your pictures) is a Beretta M9A3. I love that gun.

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Very cool.

I used to have two M9A3s - but whenever I end up buying duplicates, I invariably always end up selling one of them later on. I try not to do that any longer - it gets too expensive :stuck_out_tongue: