Announcement for blog posts?

It’s very helpful having the automated posts every time a new show is uploaded. Recently there have been a few examples of people missing posts on Leo & Lisa’s blog that they would have liked to see as soon as possible - it’s easy to forget to check the blog, especially as it is away in the “More” menu rather on the visible navigation.

Is there any scope for an automated alert for new blog posts appearing here in the same way as for new show episodes? Maybe one of @Leo ‘s Zaps could automate it?


I like that idea. Seconded. :slight_smile:

good idea. Any thoughts @PDelahanty ?

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I second that. Also why not post to onto too as well as Twitter?


There’s an RSS feed for blog posts. I’m not sure how @Leo automated the feeds, but theoretically that same sort of thing should also work for blog posts.


Thanks @PDelahanty, I’ve added it to Feedly :slight_smile:

I can only presume he used the wonderful services of your advertiser Zapier.


Thanks! I’ve added that as a subscription in gReader on my Android phone.