Request to have TWiT add a new type of content

Hello Leo and Lisa

I have heard you many times comment on the future of TWiT. Like many viewers, we’ve also pondered this as well. I realize what I’m about to propose is a lot of work, time and money but I think that in spite of all of that would be nothing but benefits. (It would at least appear so here from the cheap seats) I’d like to see TWiT add news articles to supplement the podcasts. You have many talented journalist that you work with on podcasts, and it would be nice to see them or others post articles, or comments about the news stories of the day. (Yes, of course if I listen to the podcasts I get to hear the news) but there are times when I just can’t and would like to have the option of going to the TWiT website like I would Ars Tech, The Verge or any other site.

I think I’ve been able to put my ideas across clear enough for you to understand my suggestions. Probably not the first time any one has suggested it, but a story from your website aggregated by a Google search wouldn’t be half bad.

Thanks for the work you all put in to give us such great stuff to download and listen to every day.

Chris Denny
New Albany, Indiana

I don’t really understand your request. Most of the episode pages have links to the relevant articles that were the source of the discussion in the show. TWiT is, first and foremost, a audio focused conversation between hosts about the news of the day. It seems what you’re asking is to have the hosts spend time write those conversations down. I could see why maybe you might want this, but I think that would put TWiT in the position of competing with the very news sources they use for their discussions.

I can understand the request. When at work or at home with my wife, listening to audio or watching video is not an option. Whilst going to the source stories is one thing, it is the TWiT hosts’ and guests’ opinions that we come here for.

That said, that is a heavy extra burden for those hosts and guests. I don’t think that it would work, the guests probably don’t have the time and have their own blogs and the hosts probably have other things to do and personal blogs - even if they don’t cover exactly what they discussed on the show.

I also doubt that the number of clicks would make it worthwhile.