Android phone backup software?

Is there any decent backup solution for Android that works like Apple’s i.e. takes a full image of your phone, including app settings and passwords?

Had a failed Android 10 install last night so reverted to Android 9 and restored the Google backup. It took hours :sleeping:, all you get is your apps reinstalled, you still have to configure the phone and all the apps :-1:t2: How does @JasonHowell and the AAA team do it when switching phones for reviews?

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Honestly, I rely entirely on Google’s automatic backup and restore process and it does most of what I need. Yes I will need to then log back in on my apps, but the very first two apps I install are LastPass and Authy, so logging back in then becomes super easy. And I review enough phones that I kind of have my process down at this point so it isn’t too inconvenient. Many of my phone OS settings survive the restore as well. Google has gotten much better at bringing those little settings over on a restore, I’ve found.


Another thing to bear in mind is that Android doesn’t allow third party apps access to every part of the filing system. Although there are apps that are capable of making a complete image of everything in the phone, they normally require it to be rooted for that to be possible. The forums at are a good place to look if you want to know more about that world, but it isn’t simple or easy. Most of us will be better served by the Google backup, even if it isn’t everything.

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Yeah I guess it’s not that simple for a 3rd-party. I agree the Google Backup is better (I used to lose data with older versions), but it’s still quite a laborious process to get your launcher back how it was, go into every app and reauthenticate (even with LastPass), any local app settings disappear etc. My comparison is with my wife’s iPhone - she can just get another handset, restore a backup and it’s good to go in 10mins, identical to the old one (obviously she has to re-auth her apple ID and stuff).

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I know what you mean. I used to have Palm phones before I went to Android, and they were the same: one press of a button to completely clone every aspect of a phone.

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I’m just grumpy after being up far too late last night sorting out my phone :smiley:

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I always set it up from scratch. It’s tedious but usually done in a couple of hours.

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Google backup and restore has always done enough for me. The last few things are not usually a big deal.

Pretty much what I’ve ended up doing. Does mean the phone has had a good clear out. My storage has gone from over 80% used to 35% used, same apps.

Also found this OnePlus Switch app I didn’t have before, taken a backup, might help in the future.