HOA 22: Android Cloud Backup

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Another thing to make sure you backup before wiping the original phone, is any two-factor authentication entries. You are kind of out of luck if you are using the generic Google Authenticator, unless you made a habit of saving off the original QR codes when added a site to Authenticator. If the original phone is still available, take the time to go through all of your two-factor entries, logon to the site, and disable two-factor. You can then sign up for it on the new device (and save those QR codes).

Trying to get logged in to sites using two-factor authentication after you lose a phone is quite frustrating.

If you use a two-factor app like Authy or LastPass Authenticator, your entries can be backed up. Just make sure you test them all from the new device before wiping out the old one (if you can).