Android 11 now out

So, who has upgraded now that its out?

I’ve upgraded but haven’t played with the settings yet. Funny how they did that right before AAA! :laughing:

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I started the upgrade but haven’t gone back to do the reboot yet. I can’t find any new feature I am excited for except maybe the reclaiming of permissions from unused apps.

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Not out for me yet - Samsung S9

Oops… Looks like I"m not getting it…

I got it on my pixel, but can’t see a huge difference. I’ll need to have a look at the differences. Notifications look a bit different.

My SIM is locked, so after I realized why the fingerprint sensor didn’t work (it needs the SIM unlock PIN entered first before Android will even boot) I got to the home page and it looked the same. I guess I will need weeks or months before I run into anything new… as I just don’t really use my phone much.

I installed the update yesterday, the changes are subtle. This official page has a good basic description of all the changes.

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Still waiting for it on my pixel 3a, a little frustrating…

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Have to say my Pixel 4 has been a glitchy mess since the update. Random freezing of apps and entire UI.

Hoping to see some improvement in the next update cause I’m not keen on a factory reset.

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I’ve only run into a couple of issues when connected to the car. But that seems to be a known fact.

Seems like the chat bubbles feature could be useful to me. Unfortunately it doesn’t work with the Android Messages app :frowning: