An Online Database that works well with iPad that is not AirTable

Hello All,

I tried last year to create an online database through AirTable for my friend’s local business. I paid for the premium plan, and got all my data fields setup on my macbook. Logging into the macbook was okay, however, we logged in through the iPad (the choice of the store) and AirTable did not work well at all.

It became hard to login, difficult to input the fields etc. etc. So it was not user friendly.

So do any of you know of an online database that looks, feels and works easily on the Apple iPad ?

I am looking for a customer database, that allows me to input 5 fields for every customer.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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I don’t have any experience with iPad use cases, but there are several “business tools” businesses that have features that include databases. Wix and Zoho Free online database software | Store, manage and share your databases easily - Zoho Creator are two that come to mind.

Have a look at FileMaker from Claris - it’s owned by Apple, is cross platform, (Mac, Windows, iOS) relational and a good platform for setting up simple databases or for developing sophisticated apps to run small to medium businesses! I’ve used it for many years…

Thank you. I will look at both