Aldi-Talk sells iPhone X

This is interesting, Aldi, the discounter, is selling the iPhone X 64GB for 349€ on its Aldi-Talk plan (run through Medion Group).

The phones aren’t new, they are refurbished - they take the old phone dismantle it, check and replace any defective components, then re-assemble and polish the device. At the most it should show minimal signs of wear (no scratches longer than 0.5mm in length).

They provide a standard 2 year guarantee with the phone. They are also throwing in a Qi charger, along with all of the original accessories (cables, headphones, power adapter etc.)


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We need more of this. Recently bought a couple of iPhones. An iPhone 13 at full RRP, and a refurbished 8 from Giffgaff for £119.

The 8 was supposed to be ‘good’ condition, show signs of use. It was perfect. Looked brand new.


And the refurbished phone was probably available straight away.

I ordered a 13 for my wife and a Pro for myself. Hers arrived after about a week, mine will arrive in December.