"AI" podcast...needed

I would like to propose twit.tv to start a new podcast, all about AI (or some other title).

Here’s the reason: AI is becoming more and more important, it is now (at least apparently) embedded in a lot of tech hw/sw we’re using everyday. Also (I suspect) many products claim to be AI-Based when they’re probably not.

Yet we do not know much about it, who’s driving the research, who’s implementing what etc.

It’s both a technical as well as “ethical” subject, worth a podcast (…I think).

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The industry keeps talking up AI, yet 99% of what they call AI is just machine learning…

I think the latter 2 points are very interesting and probably the last the most important of all. It would certainly be interesting to at least have it as a Special every few months. I think you need a very knowledgeable group of people to discuss it and I’m not sure there is enough for a weekly podcast at the current time.


Got to agree with @big_D, the term “AI” is marketing fluff at this point when you see it used in regards to consumer products.

I don’t see TWiT putting on a full time show about it, but if you’re thirsting for info I can recommend Lex Fridman’s show - https://lexfridman.com/podcast/. He’s a researcher at MIT who works VI and ML.


ML is just applied statistics. Which many might argue is just applied mathematics.

ML might appear to be AI to those who aren’t aware of what is going on, and it certainly can be used as part of a system to make it appear more human like, but we are a long way away from a true general AI I think. If you can’t ask the system to explain its reasoning, in human terms, then it’s ML and not AI.

You can learn to do ML yourself, from a free course:


thanks. Lex is very technical as far as I saw and overall very serious, I was thinking more about a show with a bit of leo-style “general public” flavour.