Ads inserted in TWIT shows

I’ve always enjoyed the ads done by Leo and TWIT hosts of the podcasts, where they just make them seem like part of the show. Then, a few weeks ago, started getting ads for CLUB TWIT, which are obviously recorded and inserted into podcast. Then, today, listening to Tech Guy 1813, actually got a NAB (National Australia Bank) ad. I subscribe to Club TWIT, but continue listening to the “normal” podcast because I enjoy Leo’s ads (content and presentation).

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The bank ad was probably from Megaphone, which is inserting ads into content that wouldn’t have ads otherwise. (Ad spots that TWiT doesn’t sell are available to be filled via Megaphone.)

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The Club TWiT Promos are also served by Megaphone.

Direct insertion of ads is coming on strong in podcasting. We only use it if we aren’t able to sell the slot ourselves. It’s incremental income but better than nothing.