About Mikah Sargent

Before joining TWiT.tv, Mikah was a contributor and senior editor at Mobile Nations and, previously, senior editor at Newsy. He’s hosted news and entertainment videos for various news outlets and covered news and tech for AOL, Mashable, iMore, and Tom’s Guide.

Mikah is a self-proclaimed tech enthusiast, a dog-proclaimed dog enthusiast, a podcaster, and an empathy advocate. He co-hosts (too many) podcasts, including “Somehow I Manage,” a podcast about NBC’s “The Office” on Jason Snell’s The Incomparable network, “Clockwise,” a thirty-minute tech podcast on Relay FM, and “Unhelpful Suggestions,” a tech podcast he hosts with his friend Joseph Rosensteel. When he’s not podcasting or playing with his dogs, Mikah can probably be found installing yet another smart home device he probably doesn’t need.