AAA is not only for Android users

I bit the Apple back in 2010, but I watch AAA all the time. There are some reasons for this:

  1. I often get news and information that let me help friends who have Androids.

  2. it makes me very glad that I am not a Android user.

  3. I think that one day, it might make me want to give Android a try.

  4. The hosts and guest are fun to watch.


I haven’t used Android in years but I like to keep up with what’s going on in Android land. I really enjoy the hosts on All About Android.


Totally agree, I am exactly the same


I am an Android user but I do the same with MacBreak weekly


I also keep up with Apple news even though I cannot stand iOS.


@Maladie @Computeforloot When I was at the East Side Studio sitting in on some shows including AAA. @JasonHowell and Flo seemed to be surprised that someone as into Apple was a big fan of the show. I just knew that there were a lot of us.


I regularly hear from people who are not living in the Android ecosystem yet watch or listen to AAA each and every week. Makes me really proud of what we have created. Yes it appeals to superfans of the platform, but its also informative and entertaining for those outside of the Android sphere. YAY! That’s like best case scenario IMO.


As a newbie to this community but a long time AAA fewer, I have a OnePlus 6 (A10 OS10) an excellent phone & now great prices. Recently I purchased a Realme X2 Pro (owned by BBK who also own OnePlus & OPPO) price was $530usd specs 8g/128g, super amoled 90 refresh, 855+ & the best (subject in last AAA) comes with 50watt charger which charges the 4000ma from zero to 100% in 30 minutes.

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