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Hey @Leo , does Discourse support polls? One thing that AAA needs weekly is an easy way for followers to vote on the apps in the arena. This seems like a great place for that, if the feature exists in the app. (I am familiar with XenForo over at Steve’s site which does have that kind of feature, and Discourse seems kinda similar.)


It does!

Should AAA use this forum for its polls?

  • Yes, AAA should put its polls here
  • No, AAA polls should live on Google+
  • What’s Google+?

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AAA was the first TWiT podcast I found 3 years ago trying to learn more about my new phone! I love the show and the app arena. I have picked up a lot of app ideas from you, however, the goat simulator games are the only ones to also be adored by the kids.


Be careful and aware


I know they withheld their polling results for their “Arena” apps because there was some exploits occurring.

That being said, I like seeing live results personally.


What do others think about the Google event? I thought it was lackluster. I would have liked to here more specs. Even though everything was leaked already. They did not talk about the video mode at all on the Pixel 4xl. Is it 4k 30 or did Google update it to 4k 60? I downloaded Filmic Pro. Will that be able to take 2 or more video streams at the same time like on the iPhone 11 Pro? These are questions that were not answered. And on and on. They seemed to be saying this…
The hardware is crappy but the computational Photography is superb.
All this and I still ordered the 128GB black Pixel 4xl. For me the Computational Photography is amazing even on my Pixel 2xl.
I also bought the updated home mini. A little better base and an added mic is going to be great.

I think you should clarify on point from the show Oct 15.
You said that you can’t upload full res images.
Do you mean that there is no option anymore or is it just that uploading high full res photos are not free?


Relevant articles about original vs high quality

That being said, this is photos, but the difference is more noticeable on videos. You can still store as Original if you want, with Google’s default 15GB storage you should last a while unless you take a lot of photos.


I just checked for an unlocked orange version. On the google store they show a 128GB Version. Out of stock of course. I don’t know why someone said there was only a 64GB version in Orange.

I hope your are right. I don’t mind paying a small amount to store Original Quality photos and video. But I don’t want Google to switch and start backing up less than full quality versions. Then to me this would not be considered a backup. Some people might not mind or even know the difference. There might even be a photo I might want to print out on canvas. I think this was Any’s pick of the week on Macbreak Weekly.

Also, I am bummed that I can’t use my Daydream view with the pixel 4. I am still going to try it just to see for myself. I love my daydream view. Have you ever seen the Elton John concert that he made in 3D VR. Using my Aftershok’s earphones it is pretty amazing. I always wanted Google to make a new version where the phone is tethered to a screens in a light weight headset. Smaller and lighter.

I just wanted to share that this wonderful app that you featured on a (kinda) recent show is going away - .

If you ever come across a good replacement, please do let us know. :+1:


I thought Ron’s ploy to “Jeopardize” the final Arena of 2019 had some merit. I enjoyed watching Flo lock it up early this year. She hit it out of the park. But for 2020 it might be fun if you all decided to do a Final Jeopardy with your accumulated points during the year. That would mean that every point counted going into the final arena. The leader would still have the advantage, but everyone would still have a shot at the end. Maybe they could be two separate contests: the regular season winner, and the Ultimate Arena winner.


Oooooh that’s an intriguing idea.