AAA 622: Midrange Musketeers

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On that modem zero-day, don’t you have to disable 4G and 5G to avoid using VoLTE? Which means if your carrier has turned off 2G/3G, you don’t have a working phone any more.

Pocket Casts on Wear OS, sounds great.

Only headache this brings, that I find with TWiT podcasts mainly, is podcast apps aren’t device aware. I’d love a way of subscribing to both the audio and video versions of a podcast, and the app would download the one appropriate to the device, and still keep progress synced.

I watch video versions on my TV and tablet, but only need the audio versions on phone, Echo and watch.

Is there any way to do this?

Wouldn’t this rely on the assumption that the audio version is exactly the same content as the video version. For services which inject ads, they may not inject the same ad in each version… which would make a sync potentially kinda funky.

But, I guess if the podcast app could transcode the video into audio, then they would be the same for sure.

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It would. Although an approximate sync within a few minutes would help.