TTG 1895 for Saturday 21 May 2022

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For Harry with his Samsung, you can change the side key to get to the power off menu with a long press. Under Settings/Advanced features/Side key.

Or if you pull down the notification shade/quick panel there’s a power button at the top.

I can never remember the 2-button sequence to turn it off either :slightly_smiling_face:


I used to get visual migraines. Lack of sleep, too much time using a small screen/eyestrain, too much caffeine + maybe hypertension would all contribute. They’d often happen on the long drive home from work, so I’d have to pull over, take some painkillers and water and wait.

Rarely get them now. Interesting a particular display spec is triggering them for the caller. One thing I avoid is high brightness. I can feel the eyestrain if looking at a screen that’s too bright. The same feeling as glancing at the sun or a bright LED torch.

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