AAA 547: All About Pixels

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Just wondering if there was any discussion around the “Pixel Pass” and the fact that it is not available to Google Workspace customers.

Interesting what Duncan was saying about the Nova launcher. I used to be so into launchers, customising everything, using best-of-breed apps rather than the default etc. but more and more I’m using what’s supplied by the manufacturer (Samsung in my case) as I like all the integrations.

Are custom launchers on the way out?

When I had my Huawei tablet, I was using Nova launcher on that purely because Nova launcher gets updated, while Huawei’s MiUI on that particular tablet hadn’t been updated in years.

And I’m also using Nova on my Sammy tablet… I just like it better than TouchWiz.

If only Google would make its own Android tablet!

I’m a fan of DeX now on the tablet so sticking with One UI. Not too bad, but still a few niggles. Like you can’t drag an app from the app drawer onto your home screen. Or long-pressing an app doesn’t give you quick access to notifications. Hopefully, version 4 will improve things again :crossed_fingers:t2:

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Is it One UI on Samsung tablets now? So not TouchWiz. I guess it’s a bit better than TouchWiz, but I like that so much is customizable on Nova.

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I used to use various launchers, but for the last 7 years, I’ve used the standard launcher. Up until I got my Nexus 5X, I used a couple of different Windows Phone launchers and Nova launcher, but after the 5X, I settled down to using the standard launcher.

The Huawei launcher and the Samsung launcher are now near-enough to the “original” that you can comfortably switch between them, so I just stopped using the third party launchers.