AAA 565: Android 13... Already?

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At last! Somebody on the panel who doesn’t roll their eyes and move the conversation on when Samsung is mentioned :slightly_smiling_face: Although to be fair Flo and Huyen do pitch in with Samsung info.

On the phones are expensive so most people keep them for 5 years stuff, don’t overlook trade-ins and pre-order deals. I keep mine for a couple of years usually. Just pre-ordered an S22 and I got £400 trade-in for the S20 FE, a pair of £220 Buds plus a year of Disney + (£80).

So for me, I look at it like cars. The cost to me is the depreciation. With the S20 that’s about £200 over the time I’ve had it (ignoring the other stuff they gave me).

But yeah, good news with the longer times they are being supported, I’m planning to try and keep this one for as long as it’s supported.

On Material You and Samsung, it already has the wallpaper theming. Maybe Samsung has implemented it themselves, not sure, but it already does it. Doing it with app icons I’m not interested in. I differentiate apps mainly by colour.

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I upgraded from a Pixel 2 XL to a Pixel 4a (5G) only because the 2 XL wasn’t going to be getting updates anymore. If the update length was 5 years, I’d still be using it. I still have it sitting on my nightstand, and every time I pick it up I realize how much I miss it. It’s on my to do list to root it and install Lineage OS on it. Maybe I’d swap my SIM card back in to try it out.


Yep, the only reason I upgraded to my current phone was do to security updates no longer being provided.

I know the custom ROM scene does help keep older devices updated, but support from that isn’t alwsys the best.

Looks like the S22s are being shipped early. Got a message saying it’ll turn up on Monday :+1:t2:

exactly - I do the same - I’ll trade in my iPhone 12Pro for a 14 when it announces and get a good bit of trade in value

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I had an OG Pixel (not the XL.) It’s probably my favorite phone of all time. Everything was just right, and the phone was not too big or heavy to cause carpal tunnel.

I think Lineage officially supports that phone, so the process should be pretty straightforward. I’m dreaming of the day of mainline Linux running on these phones with indefinite support windows.

I usually eBay them or sell them locally, but recently the preorder deals have been better than what you’d get if you sold it. Shows how keen they are to keep you!

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Lineage on the OG Pixel isn’t fully functional, but yes it does boot.

Looks like the proprietary blobs are incompatible with the updated AOSP version. Tragedy strikes again :frowning_face:

I’m still hoping for mainline Linux on a useable phone, as long as it comes before we’ve all been absorbed into a metaverse.

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