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After listening to the past two episodes detailing the problems with music apps, I’m glad I am not a music listener.

Informal poll, but anyone else RARELY listen to music? Mostly podcasts, then YouTube videos (vloggers, news…) for me.

I can tolerate a few music snob episodes every once and a while, but please move on in the coming weeks.

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I can’t listen to YouTube/podcasts while working on a task that requires critical thinking or problem solving. They’re too distracting. Music I can listen to while doing those tasks. Are you able to do that? That said, I love podcasts any other time and would prefer them over music.

Agreed, I usually have to shut the podcasts off while really needing to concentrate, but often time I just let it continue “in the background” and don’t really pay attention.


I listen to podcasts and audio books.

I watched a couple of Queen videos on YouTube last week, but that is the first time I’ve listened to music or watched a music video in years. I seem to go through phases, in the 70s I didn’t really listen to much music, end of the 80s, I got into music and listend to it a lot, then end of the 90s, I was listening to Radio 4 most of the time on my commute. Around 2003 - 2004, I listend to a lot of the music I bought over the years again. I think the last music I bought was The Cure booklet collection they did around 2006.

I don’t use any music service for streaming music and, although I have my whole music collection ripped and stored on my NAS and OneDrive, I haven’t really listened to any of it in years.

Edit: I used to be able to listen to music in the background, 20 - 30 years ago, but I can’t concentrate if I listen to music these days.

I listen heavily to podcasts and audiobooks. I will tend to listen to music most days in the background as I work.

This episode was relevant to my interests, as I exclusively use Google Play Music for music and am interested in hearing about how YouTube Music will replace it - and what a bad job of that it is doing.

I was sad to hear about Podcast Addict. I’ve been using it since Pocket Casts had their disastrous update last year and I needed to find a replacement. It seems to be listed on Google Play again, so that’s good.

In one of my past jobs as an Android Developer, we once had a rejected update. This was surprising, as we had been operating for years, had a high number of users, and had interacted with Google directly on some projects.

The lack of information and control was quite frustrating. Only one person received an email - our CTO. It provided a vague, generic reason… more like which broad category of policy had been violated. There was no information on exactly what the problem was. To make it more confusing, we had tried to update both the app and the Play Store listing. It wasn’t clear where the problem was. Fortunately, I was able to make an educated guess that it was related to a claim in a screenshot in the updated Play Store listing, even though a similar claim had been in other parts of the Play Store listing for a while.

The long and short of it is that app rejections are a mysteriously arcane affair, and developers are left to flail around through trial and error to try to figure out how to appease the gods of the Play Store to make things right.

Youtube Music is a train wreck of a dumpster fire. I am so disappointed.

I want a music service, not a video service with some music tacked on.

The fact that Music is linked to YouTube makes the whole thing a non-starter. The reason I may look at a video, and the reason I listen to music are NOT THE SAME. I don’t want any information from video watching to have anything at all to do with music recommendation. It doesn’t belong there.

I have some auto playlists…Your Likes, and Your Mix…they are both complete and total garbage. Your Likes consists of YouTube videos that I liked at some point in the past that have been identified as having some music in them. Like parody videos or sports. It’s so dumb. And where they are getting the content for Your Mix? I have no idea, but there is no way I’d ever be listening to Wiz Khalifa, Alabama, Neil Diamond, Tim McGraw, etc, etc, etc.

I don’t want YouTube Music using my YouTube history for anything. It’s irrelevant to my music tastes. Now I have to turn off/clear YouTube history to get it away from YouTube Music.

Bottom line…I want music, just music, nothing but my music. Keep YouTube out of it.

I was a big music listener up until about 15-20 years ago then I started listening to sports radio (and even recording them to mp3s on my computer before such a thing was popular). I would load them on my Pre or my Windows Phone and use PTunes or TCPMP to play them.

I feel the music discussion, though. Google Play Music wasn’t perfect but the two killer features for me were the mp3 uploads and Instant Mix based only on my library. I wish I could find a similar feature out there (especially for free). I currently use Pulsar Pro when I need a break from podcasts.

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I’m a big music listener, but tastes and preferred way to listen really don’t lend themselves to modern streaming apps very well. I tend to listen to complete albums, and have never been a “singles” or “playlist” kind of person, so all of the recommendation or “mood type” listening features do nothing for me. I tend to know what I want to listen to, or will seek out specific bands or artists and then purchase their albums (mostly on CD, but I will get digital albums for some foreign artists, where shipping costs make physical media prohibitive).

I first handled music on my smart phones by ripping CDs to mp3s and using player apps on the phones. Google Play Music with its upload feature made this task much simpler, with pretty easy access to my whole collection (at what I had ripped on my computer).

YT Music is working OK in the album playback arena, but I’ve only tried it briefly. I’ll give it a proper shot once I can transfer my collection over from Play Music. If that fails, I’ll probably have to investigate the Plex server option.

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