Spotify vs Youtube Music

Hello, I am just making a post here to see what peoples thoughts on Youtube Music vs Spotify. I currently have Youtube Music Premium transitioned from Google Play Music and have a Spotify Free Account.
I dont know Youtube Music just seems a bit all over the place with adding the capability to watch the music video of the same song you are listening to and adding a whole bunch of sharing options.
I know Ant Prudit on TWiG said he uses Spotify as well.

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I loved Google Play Music. I totally cannot stand the replacement… (as usual for anything Google.) My use cases were two fold. I wanted offline music loaded into my backup phone that I use for a GPS for road trips. Otherwise, it was just asking the Google Home to play music on occasion. (My situation was complicated by once being in a family plan with my brother that he “screwed up” and I lost my access.) I am unwilling to pay for YouTube Music and I am unwilling to log into YouTube at all (no tracking tied to me personally, please) so I don’t see any benefits to paying. I looked briefly at Spotify, but have yet to really set it up so I could use it as I had Google Play Music. Of late, when I’ve wanted to hear a random song, I just use a free Deezer web session, works well enough for now. Since there are no road trips in my near future, I am not in a hurry to solve the problem… but when better times arrive, I guess I will have to find something I can use offline in a car on a road trip.

I also do the offline music stuff as well to listen to music while I drive through Android Auto. I think another part is the UI for the YT Music through Android Auto is kind of getting to me. Spotify UI on Android Auto doesnt seem to be as confusing.

I had the free version of Google Music. I had ALL of my own MP3s uploaded. I used that as a way to have another backup, and to be able to stream my own music if need be…

I have tried the moving process 2x now - to Youtube Music. I have given it time,and have gone back. NOTHING gets moved. I still have nothing there, and never got a confirmation email. So, I’ve given up on that even happening.

I waited 2 weeks and tried again, and it has been a week now since the 2nd attempt…

I’ve actually been a fan of Apple Music lately. It was included with my cell phone plan.
Unfortunately, as of this past week, it is now considered a grandfathered plan. If I change to the “current” plan, instead of Apple Music included, I get the Disney+ bundle. If I want to keep Apple Music, its an additional $10 a month.


I pay $9.99 per month for Apple Music and love it

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For Spotify vs YouTube Music, I prefer to Spotify. As one of the popular music streaming services, Spotify had got lots of users and offers high quality music tracks. I had used it for a long time and love it.

When it comes to Spotify vs YouTube Music, why not get them both? You can subscribe to the YouTube Music plan by paying monthly subscription fee to access music and playlits, music videos from it. Besides, Spotify has a free tier, which allows you to listen to millions of songs also. If you’d like to get Spotify Premium features, you can get help from Spotify Playlist Converter. You can also listen to Spotify offline without ads.

I’ve been trying to find a replacement for Google Play Music where my husband and I can play our own ripped music from the same library. I have tried Apple Music and Youtube Music, just the free versions, and they work fine, so long as I don’t accidentally subscribe one day. I’m pretty sure DH will find either interface confusing since it’s really geared toward paid subscribers.

I found an app called CloudBeats that lets me play our music directly from Google Drive, where I also have our music, but the interface is pretty basic, navigating through folders. But it’s straightforward enough that I think DH can handle it. He’s a bit of an antiquarian. I would love to find something better. Oh, and I’ve tried VLC, which is very similar to CloudBeats. I haven’t played with them enough yet to have a preference.

I found a detailed review of YouTube Music vs. Spotify. You can refer to it. As for me, Spotify music is better than YTM for the reason that I can use the Spotify Playlist Downloader to get Spotify music downloads without Premium. The sound quality of the downloaded songs sounds no different from the original songs.