AAA 443: The Cult of Kotlin

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This episode prompted me to download Jetbrains and the kotlin tools (I get free access via my school).


parental achievement of @ronxo . Nicely done !

On a sidenote for the best of … I nominate that episode when

@ronxo and @ohthatflo talked about how they were in the same place (i think it was a bar) but actually didn’t meet up.

cc: @JasonHowell


If anyone is interested in Flutter dev, I took this course and it is awesome. Plus, right now it is on sale for $12.

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I am excited and waiting one more day until my Pixel Arrives. Thursday Oct. 24, 2019. You talk about the Orange version of the pixel 4 is the best one to get. I understand from a color perspective. I have heard that one can only get the Orange version in 64GB of storage. No one is talking about that. I would not get the pixel 4 without 128GB. I was going to get 256GB but I can”t. I rarely go over 128GB but it is nice to have on those shooting trips where I am shooting both photos and video. Yes, I have unlimited At&T service so I just let my photos Auto back up photos to Google Photos. But I like to also backup my photos to my Synology NAS when I get home. It would be a bummer if I had only 64GB and had to manage my storage all the time on a shoot. I can off load my photos to a SD card via adapter. But you don”t want to have to do this during a shooting day. I wish the Pixel Phones has an internal SD or micro SD card slot. Why Google Why. But I love the Google Computational Photography and that is why I bought the phone. I got 4xl the Black one.

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Another question. I have the Pixel 2XL with the Pixel 3 camera software. I always wanted to know what is the difference between the Pixel 2xl and the Pixel 3xl?

Oh, I just wanted to comment that I think google should have kept the reliable finger print scanner in the pixel 4. At least for this version and then decide whether to drop the Finger Print scanner in the Pixel 5. They are taking a big risk that users will like the face unlock and that it even works. Also I have to wait for software like my banking app and Lastpass to update their software. I loved that I could just sign in with my finger print.


You can see the specs difference between 2XL here and 3 here

On the Pixel 3 you have two front facing speakers while Pixel 2XL is a bottom firing speaker.

Screen that the 2XL has a strange bluish tint and i think there is a different manufacturuer between the 2 and the 2XL.

What I’m hearing is that the photo and radar chip portions of the Google event were mostly BS. This saved me from another disappointing Pixel purchase (sold my P2 after four months). Now it’s down to OnePlus 7T vs iPhone 11pro. I really appreciate the honesty out of the AAA crew. This is why I watch.


Pixel 4 makes me < sigh >

I’ve owned the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 5, Nexus 6P, and Pixel2XL. Every one felt like a step up. The 4, however, does not. I don’t want Face Unlocking as the only biometric. Deal breaker, right there.

Also, I heard there is some limitation on Assistant if you don’t use the new gestures? Ugh…I HATE the Back gesture, and have them turned off. I’d hate to have functionality tied to that.


I felt so bad for Jason, Flo and Ron on this episode as they tap danced around disappointing issue after issue, trying not to state the obvious that the Pixel 4 is a HUGE disappointment

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Pixel 4a will be where it’s at!

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I certainly hope so. I need a new phone ASAP my OG Pixel battery is nearly toast. I’m either going to wait for rumors of the 4a, if they decide to release one or go for a 3a when Christmas deals pop up.

3a is already $300 on Fi

Yeah but what if I can get it for $250?!?! :wink:

I’m overseas as well so I cannot use Fi. I think maybe you get the first month free and I can cancel afterwards? Is that the case?

IIRC you only need to activate it within 30 days then you can cancel right afterwards - I did it for the Moto G6 and cancelled the next day.

Also keep in mind the Google-provided tutorials are a great place to start. Don’t pay for a course until you suck up all the free stuff from Google.