A top analyst said Apple will remove the charging port from an iPhone in 2021

What do you guys think of this?

I think it is very unfortunate. Granted, I prefer Android over iOS… But, we are seeing the elimination of the headphone jack on new cell phones for both Android AND iOS. Now, we are going to lose the charging port? That really sucks…

This will probably shift over to other brands of phone soon too…

It sometimes seems that they want to do change just for change’s sake…

I didn’t mind the headphone jack going away. I have snagged too many sets of corded headphones and destroyed either earphones or the phone itself.

I also love wireless charging on my iPhone (as did I for the Samsung Galaxy S8). I do see a problem with current wireless charging solutions however - you cannot use your phone while charging.

There is another side effect of eliminating the charge port - data transfers would have to be done wirelessly, which is not always satisfactory, though I guess getting rid of a data port will close down a lot of exploits that currently require physical connections.

I hope the charge port doesn’t go away. Even though I am in favour of wireless charging, it is not practical all the time.

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They better not, is all I can say. Wireless charging is a joke at best and it has no benefit in my opinion. You still have to walk over and put your phone on a charging pad, and the charging is way slower especially if you have a fast cable charger. Car Play also doesn’t work wirelessly.


you might want to check out Rene’s video on the subject over at Vector. He makes some great points you might find interesting

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I agree completely. The wireless charging tech leaves a bit to be desired. Look at how Apple abandoned their plans for wireless charging

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The worst part of the useless wireless charging is it requires different materials on the back of the phone. So they make the phones out of glass on the back because metal won’t work, and if they used polycarbonate - which would work with wireless charging - they would have to lower prices lol.

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I use my Samsung fast wireless charger and it’s pretty rapid with my iPhone. I use it at work when I’m likely to pick up my phone quite often so can just dump it in the charger when I’m at my desk. Saves a lot of wear and tear on the lightning port. However at home for prolonged charging I definitely still use a cable.

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I have not tried wireless charging on mine. I have read that it SHOULD work thru the Otterbox case I have. But, I also have a Pop Socket on it - which has been a tremendous help to cut down the constant dropping of my phone. I went from dropping it 4-5x per day to maybe 2x per month.

But, with the pop socket, the phone doesn’t lay flat. So, I don’t think I can use wireless charging.

And, I walk several miles a day - usually listening to Leo’s podcasts on my phone. I LOVE the headphone jack - I don’t want to use wireless headphones. My girlfriend gave me a set, but I never use them

Yeah, not sure about the pop socket, but wireless charging works through my new Speck Presidio folio case which has a thick two layer construction in the back.

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If Apple provides an extreme charger, they can remove the charging port, sure. I don’t get it except to provide a minimalist design.

I think the amount of power the iPhone can accept wirelessly is capped quite low by Apple. My Galaxy S8 could charge on the fast wireless charger, powered by the fast charger that came with the phone pretty quickly. I currently use the same wireless charger plugged into a high current USB port and it is pretty good at charging my iPhone.

I think, maybe, fast wireless chargers need to be paired with an appropriate charger, maybe a USB-C PD or QuickCharge charger.


Yes that and multi-device chargers which are the bigger one to accomplish, even if it’s through a third party.

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Yeah, multi device charging would be great. I’m in the need to consolidate my USB chargers and I’ve been umming and ahhing about what to get.

iPhone Xs - USB Lightning or wireless
Apple Watch Series 4 - proprietary wireless with USB-A cord
BeatsX earphones - USB Lightning
Samsung Galaxy Tab A - USB C

I think no matter what I get there will be a mass of wires.

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Removing ports is all about lowering manufacturing costs and therefore increasing profit margins. It shouldn’t be lost on anyone that at the same time they removed the headphone jack they bought Beats :slight_smile:

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At this stage, I suspect Ming-Chi Kuo is actually an Apple insider :slight_smile:

Whenever the Apple team are mulling over a decision like this when planning future Apple products, they get Ming-Chi to leak it as a rumour and analyse the feedback.

If the negativity isn’t too strong, decision made.

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How does Apple buying Beats equate to removing manufacturing costs?

Remove headphone jack, boost sales of Beats wireless headphones is the gist I think :slight_smile:

I have Beats X earphones, but I was looking for wireless earphones anyway as I am the destroyer of corded headphones.

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Would moving all external connections, buttons or interfaces internally make a completely wireless device in a carbon or plastic type material
with a rugged plastic screen be likely.
Maybe creating a device of lower cost, less mass and more rugged while having low heat
and better battery life.
Would it then be something that we toss around like a small light paper notepad?

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Removing the headphone jack equates to lowering manufacturing costs. Buying Beats at the same time ensures they have a hold on headphones many people would buy once the headphone jack is gone.

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Complimenting their product lineup. I get it. Bad wording.