A note about how **not** to create new topics

Of late we’ve had an epidemic of posts that consist of nothing more than a link from a news article. The TWiT.Community is not a good venue to post suggested stories for our shows. I read everything you read already, and probably a lot more, so chances are very good I’ve already seen the article.

Furthermore, this is a discussion board. If you want to start a discussion you’ll need to do more than post a link. Start a discussion. If you want some ideas about how to do that re-read the Community Guidelines.

I’ll take down posts that are just links. We really want you to converse with us, not post at us.




I for one will greatly miss @Mistershipwreck’s news links, as well as some (though not all) of the other link-posts. I think the better ones are informative and add some much needed variety to the forum.

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I agree with you @Leo, I a really disappointed to click on something and find just a link, rather than some explanation about why the person posted it and what their opinions of the story are.


My apologies, I can see that I’ve been guilty of this, through inexperience. I’ll be careful to bear this in mind for any future postings.


I agree with @Captain_Sam, if the post contains a link as a basis for a discussion, plus the OP’s reason for linking and their thoughts about the article, fine. And I can understand @Leo not wanting just links being posted, it spams up the board, if there is no context from the OP.


I also agree w/ @Leo I’m hugely disappointed when I go into a new topic and it’s just a news article and the sub clip of said article. If the person posting a link has commentary I’d love to see it and may agree or disagree with said content.

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It was becoming like the old DIGG days. Someone wanted the vanity rush of thinking they are first in offering “breaking news.” I don’t mind a link on someones post only if they offer personal thoughts.