6 Underground Movie

6 Underground starring Ryan Reynolds | Official Trailer | Netflix

Netflix has nothing to worry about in the streaming wars with content like this. None stop action, seriously!!

I gave up on that after a few minutes.

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Yeah we didn’t finish it either, it just seemed to be action for actions sake, i didn’t get into the story.

It was ok. Michael Bay film, so lots of action and not a great story. Hmm, it would be more accurate to say that the basic story has potential, but it could be done a lot better. It wasn’t awful.

One of those movies where they throw you straight into the action for the first act. Then go back and explain the plot in the second act, then more action for the 3rd and final act.

There is a lot of action though. It often felt like the movie just wanted to push past the dialogue and the plot to get back to the action.

If you go into it expecting a simple action flick you should enjoy it.

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Actually, I just wanted to add that it’s really good action. This is no B grade movie in action terms, It’s full on, big budget, Hollywood action. It’s nice to see it done well outside Hollywood.

…Although is Ryan Reynolds and Michael Bay really “outside Hollywood”?

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