So I've just watched this movie

So I have just watched the movie, Joker, and where I’m at, even though it was rated 18, I was surprised to see that the cinema allows kids with or without parents to watch it.
Anyhow, a few of the violent scenes did literally shocked them, because those were the few times I heard people gasped out of shock.
This movie is one of those origin stories of one of the major villains in the Batman universe. It was kinda vivid in its portrait of the formation of the Joker, and Joaquin Phoenix did an amazing job in it.
In a few of the scenes, they sort of hinted that there may be some other connections between Arthur Fleck aka the Joker and Batman.
All in all, a pretty grim and depressing movie, which would be better if you do not dwell on it.
It is a depiction of what a real-life urban city could be like, and how someone can be driven to go crazy in it, but that’s another topic entirely.
Be prepared to be disturbed by it.
Have you watched it? What do you think?

It is a shame that some parents still take their kids with them to movies like that.

A week or two ago, I heard a news story about 1 movie company chain advising parents to NOT take their kids to this 1 particular movie because of the violence.

I love super hero type movies, but I have no plans to see this film. I go to the movies for a good time. Not to be bummed out or to see super graphic torture, gore or something that is going to make me feel bad

It’s definitely not a superhero movie. It’s not really even a super-villain movie.

It’s a kind of creepy close-up view of Joker’s descent into madness. It’s pretty sympathetic to Joker. It feels like a “true story” but it doesn’t match my experience of mental illness, at all. It’s in a weird world between reality and comic book.

It’s not an action movie. It’s not really even an origin story. It’s mostly a depressingly grim journey. And most definitely not for kids. I admired the acting and film making, but didn’t enjoy the movie, at all.

We brought four 16-year-olds, on the other hand, and they liked it.


Does not sound like something I want to see at all. As a probation officer, I have my fill of dealing with mental illness.

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I haven’t seen and it and don’t plan to. Although I can appreciate the effort that went into making Joker, and the always brilliant Joaquin Phoenix. I have no interest in watching someone’s descent into madness and the effort to gain sympathy, knowing the villain he becomes. As for the mental illness side of it, they’ve made it very clear in interviews that they don’t make his condition identifiable, so I presume that means they don’t address treating it?

Honestly amazed it’s doing so well at the box office. That said, there’s even some Oscars buzz around it.

A.O. Scott’s New York Times review nailed it:

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