3D Printing - What are you printing lately?

My old 3D printer (Monoprice Maker Select Plus) hasn’t been working successfully since Padre printed a box on it in late 2018 or early 2019. Something got messed up at some point during either that print, the next print, or at some non-printing point in between and the extruder won’t pull in any filament. I took that apart, cleaned out the gear that pulls it, made sure it was aligned properly, and put it back together…but it only worked again for a few minutes. Further attempts to resolve the issue haven’t worked. Since we moved in 2019, it’s been sitting in the box and I haven’t tried to get it working again.

…so I decided to give up and ended up getting a new 3D printer. This is an Ender 6 Core-XY. Looking forward to getting this set up. I’ve already got a list of things I want to print…most of which are related to my 3 year-old’s Thomas & Friends trains. (We need some track adapters and I need to print some replacement couplings for a few of his train cars.) Also want to print some tabletop pieces for a D&D campaign.

What’s everyone else printing lately? It’s been years since I’ve printed something, so I feel like I’ve missed a lot.

I’ve always thought I should have one but never really found anything that I needed to print enough that would justify buying one.

So I too would be interested to know what people do with these things!

If I knew someone who had one, I’d be interested in having a simple capped tube printed to fit inside the metal mesh of my cold brew maker to push and hold the grounds down below the water. (They otherwise float, which doesn’t really seem to affect the taste, but I think it would work even better if they were forced to be submerged.)

Otherwise, I can’t really think of anything I would print or want printed. I mean I guess I could make interesting Christmas tree decorations, if someone else had the talent to come up with the designs. :wink:

In case anyone is interested, this is the cold brewer. It’s available for a reasonable price from Amazon Canada, but Amazon US doesn’t seem to offer it right now (they’re happy to recommend other options.) https://www.amazon.com/BOZ-Coffee-Pitcher-Filter-Serving/dp/B074ZP4VB3/

I keep looking for ways to justify the purchase to my wife, who sees no reason for us to have one. I am convinced we can use one to print household items we would buy normally, but I can’t seem to make the argument well enough.

I’ve heard that people have done studies to show how having a 3D printer can save money, but I can’t find them anywhere.

What sorts of items? There is too much plastic in use on earth already, so hopefully you’d consider better choices made from renewable sources like wood instead of making something out of plastic.

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