3 beeps from a MBP when waking it from sleep?

I get this occasionally, when I hit the mouse or keyboard to wake my 2015 MBP it beeps three times (loud ‘BIOS’ type beeps), but then works as normal.

I know the boot-up tests do this, 3 beeps is a RAM issue, but surprised it does a test when just waking it?

Anyone had similar? I’m just about to run the hardware tests see what it finds. This Mac was a refurb and has been apart before for a genius to replace a failed wireless/Bluetooth card.

Wish I could help. When Leo gets back from his vacation, maybe he can answer that question

No worries. Just got off the phone to Apple actually, they’ve booked it in for a check-up next week. They were surprised it was beeping when waking from sleep too. Did a NVRAM reset and ran the hardware diagnostics, nothing shows as having an issue.