13” MacBook Pro

So does anyone have the base 13” MacBook Pro (current version)? I am about to take some college classes and finally have a reason to buy a Mac however I am not sure if the configuration I should get. I will be mainly doing school work, editing photos and maybe play a couple arcade games on it. I was curious if the base Pro would be enough or should I up something. Like the 128Gb hard drive will be okay. It has 8gb of ram but should I pump that to 16?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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8gb of RAM is plenty for what you described :+1:

Personally, I’m waiting on the new 13” to drop…hoping for March!

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And that is another thing. I wonder if I should wait?

Only you can answer that one I’m afraid - I have a hard time making that decision for myself!

Personally I prefer the keyboard that is on the new MacBook Pro 16” which is not the same keyboard as on the current generation 13”. The new keyboard is rumored to be included on the next generation 13” MacBook Pro (and Air I think?). Crossing my fingers!